Navigation Implant Surgery

On-Demand & On-Site Navigation Surgery Service for perfect image guided implant procedures

Facial Imaging Mobile’s On-Demand Navigation Service boasts dynamic 3D navigation that delivers interactive guidance giving you the ability to improve the precision and accuracy of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH while increasing safety and clinical outcome. Our On-Demand Navigation Surgery Service brings to your office all you need, when you need it:

  • Latest and most trusted Navigation Surgery unit
  • Our Navigation Surgery Specialist on-site throughout the day
  • All needed accessories and consumables
  • Affordable pricing for more service at less cost
Procedures Per Day
Basic Fee
(incl. the 1st implant)
Each Additional Implant
1st $450 $50
2nd $400 $50
3rd $300 $50
4th $200 $50

*Minimum of two (2) procedures per day

Benefits of this dynamic technology and service we provide for its use include:

Surgical Advantages:
Increased accuracy of implant position, location, angle, and depth
Interactive, step-by-step, surgical guidance for prosthetic-driven restoration.
Fully accessible, entirely visible surgical site.
Avoidance of damage to nearby anatomy
Flexible plan allows modification during surgery.
Operational Profit:
Save capital: We bring the system to your office.
Save time: Our specialists do everything except place the implants.
Save money: Pay-as-you go policy; flexible rates from 2-4 surgeries a day; elimination of surgical guide cost
Improved Patient Outcomes:
Minimal gingival involvement.
Reduced patient discomfort.
Fewer complications.
Smooth recovery.



We serve: NY, NJ, CT, MA, MD, DC, VA

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